Fate versus Chance

Role of fate versus chance in literature. Really, it can be argued that the fundamental antagonism that fuels all literature is not man versus man, man versus nature, man versus god, or man versus animal, but fate versus choice.

A lot of us avoid this dilemma in life but turn to it in literature. Yet there are ways of confronting this antagonism daily, such as through casino games. On pages like onlinecasinosnj.com you can see why people enjoy playing free online casinos.

Hemingway said that the greatest novel is a life lived novelly. I think embracing the fate versus chance dichotomy is a fundamental aspect of human nature. We can learn that through novels, casino games, or life itself.

Making your own luck

My final thought on this dichotomy is that these two don’t have to be opposed. There are many traditions that hold the belief that we have a role in shaping our own luck. People say you have to deal with the cards you’re dealt, but in fact that’s not true. Most games allow some exchanging, and, depending on what you have up your sleeve, you might make your own luck quite easily.

Perhaps this theory is most easily seen in Greek tragedy. There the tragic heroes would often petition Moira, goddess of chance, that their own luck would be improved.

10 Jan 2020